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Non-relay undersea optical communication Solution--slte SLM
Reported by GL Technology
Non-relay cable communication system means a system in which there is no conductor and no source repeater in the submarine. Non-relay cable communication system is basically consistent with the equipment used in the relay cable communication system, the biggest difference between these two is that the non-relay submarine communication system does not need to use the shore-based power supply equipment to power the submarine repeater, but uses the shore base ROPA remote pump amplifier to amplify the light signal.
The non-relay submarine communication solution is mainly applied to the communication route between the land and the islands and the coastal cities, and the cable-free communication system is basically composed of two parts, underwater equipment and onshore equipment. The underwater equipment consists of a cable connected to the landing point of the system, including the associated optical cable interconnecting devices such as optical cables and branch connectors. Onshore equipment consists mainly of transmission equipment. General transmission distance can reach about 400km, if the use of the current most advanced ultra low loss fiber technology, ROPA remote pump amplifiers and the third generation of OTN transmission technology such as distributed Raman amplifier DRA and forward error correction FEC, etc., can further enhance the transmission distance.
The Ropa tele-pump amplifiers made by the ocean are used erbium-doped fiber EDFA amplification technology to achieve the maximum transmission distance of end-to-end single span above 500km.

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