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(FTTD) Fiber to the Desk Solution
Fiber optic cables are more popular to the end users and serving much more customers. Fiber to the Home(FTTH), and Fiber to the Building (FTTB) projects are pretty common now. In addition to higher bandwidth, fiber optic cable can provide longer transmission distances and a secure transport environment.In order to further expand the coverage of the fiber, and enjoy a better service, it is recommended to use optical fiber to the desktop (FTTD), especially for those who are in the process of signal transmission distance and high data security requirements of the companies and organizations. However, one important factor preventing the widespread use of the fiber to the desk is the cost.Fiber-optic cables and fiber-optic transmission devices are considered to be too expensive. In fact, if properly designed, Fiber to the Desk could also be affordable. And the prices of fiber optic cables and optical components are much lower than before. This article provides an example of fiber to the desk deployment for your reference.

FTTD in Office Building
Since most of the FTTD applications need to be used in office buildings, a typical FTTD deployment case will be introduced in the four-story office building.The following picture shows the main structure of this office building. 1st Floor is designed as server room to provide bandwidth for the whole building. The room from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor is office area.
In this office building, three parts should be completed to deploy the FTTD project. The first two parts are office area cabling and server room cabling, and they are closely related. The fiber-optic cable from the service provider is first connected to the server room's equipment and then distributed to other areas of the building. The final part is to terminate the fiber-optic cable at the desk.

Cabling in Server room
The optical fiber cable installer should plan the type and number of optical cables, as well as the connector/interfaces used for distribution in advance. Which types of switches and devices should be used in the server room? How to distribute fiber optic cables from the server room to each desk?
Since fiber-optic cables are fragile and difficult to manage, it is necessary to reduce the number of optical fibers in the FTTD project.The using of SFP Module could be an effective way in building FTTD network, which can provide duplex transmission over a single fiber. It is recommended to use the third layer switch to deploy the network. In many cases, 24-port/40-port SFP/SFP+ layer 3 switches are recommended. 
For better cable management in server room, IT racks, fiber enclosures and fiber patch panels should be used. Open frame racks are suggested for this server room, which can provide more flexible cabling environment. The using of fiber enclosure and patch panels should depend on the fiber count.
Cabling in Office Area
The 2nd Floor ,the 3rd Floor and the 4th Floor are all office areas, in these areas, fiber optic cables should be deployed to every room and every office desk. For better management, a distribution center is recommended on each floor. If number of the office desks connected to the network is very large, it is recommended to deploy a distribution point for each or multiple rooms. The setting of distribution points or hubs should are up to the total end users numbers.

Installing the Fiber Optic Cable at Office Desk
The last part to finish Fiber to the dest in this building is installing the fiber optic cable at the office desk and connecting the fiber optic cable to the target devices, like computer and VoIP Phone. fiber optic wall plate should be used. The port count and port type of the wall plate are decided by the connections specifications.
Since most of our devices have only electronic interfaces, optical signals should be converted to electrical signals. Therefore, an additional ONT should be added.A length of fiber patch cord is required to connect to the wall plate port. Then, the target devices are linked to the ONT for data transmission.
GL FTTD Solution
Fiber-optic cables are deployed in the server room and office area, then the fiber-optic cable is terminated at the desk, and the fiber of the office building in the 4-story office building is completed. The above mentioned products like SFP Module, fiber patch cable and fiber enclosures are all available in GL Technology. All these high quality products come in a variety of types with favorable prices. Kindly contact for more details, if you are interested.

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