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Extending the lifetime of optical fiber networks-
More and more people are beginning to see all the benefits of installing fiber optic networks. As a result, many families and entrepreneurs have turned to fiber to meet all connection requirements. They use optical fiber networks to connect TV, computers and many other electronic products. However, there are some people who are worried about how long the fiber network can last.
Follow up the latest research on GL Technology, to extend the life span of optical fiber network,you should pay attention to following aspects
The optical fiber has surface defects, which can shorten the service life of the optical fiber cable. Fiber optic cables are usually coated in protective materials to make the fiber more durable. GL Technology uses the fiber optic cable with the most protective material to ensure that the fiber cable lasts longer.
Pulling the cable in the process of installation can cause them to stretch, actually shortening their life from the beginning. Tension can make the cable wear and impose unnecessary pressure on them. GL Technology provides better installation advices to reduce your wear and tear during installation.
There are a series of environmental factors that will affect the lifetime of the optical fiber cable network. For example, excessive heat can reduce the service life of the cable. Contacting water can also cause the problem of optical fiber network. GLTechnology take care the impact of the environment on fiber optic cables and studies a series of environmental factors that try to keep the network longer.
A reliable fiber optic cable company can usually tell you the factors listed on the basis of your solution. GL technology is an experienced company that can answer any questions about fiber optic cables and provide you with high quality fiber services.
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