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Solutions Overview
Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Solution
Meet customers’ widely requirements towards bandwidth and capacity
In modern age,customers are pushing the network performance’s boundaries.People’s lifestyle is becoming more and more digital and and surf Internet everywhere. Service provider offer various of solutions to this increasing needs by more fibers deep into the network layout,in this way bring
it to customer’s premises or homes (FTTP /FTTH)。
But how could you widen your broadboad network?
Speed up your engineering deployment 
Decrease your total costs and improve the products quality and performance
Bringing fiber to residential and business building,providing customer desired Wi-Fi,cloud connectivity,4K video streams. This is what we GL technology do,offering flexible FTTH solutions ,years of experience, successful cases and proved results.
We are always ready to serve you. Together, quick and simple instalation,low cost,let’s prepare and welcome the coming network .

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