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GL Technology Comprehensive Cabling Solution
Comprehensive Cabling system is the network in the building or the building group, and it is the basis for realizing the intelligentization. It not only connects the voice and data communication equipment, switching equipment and other information management systems, but also connects the communication network between these devices and the outside of the building.
GL Technology is committed to providing a cabling solution with good security, fast speed, strong
anti-interference ability, fast transmission speed and high transmission quality.
Building Cabling 
With the continuous development and improvement of the intelligent building, as an intelligent building information highway, integrated cabling system takes the functions of voice and data transmission, it also ensures the effective combination of building automation system, communication automation system and office automation system. It can be said that the success or failure of the wiring system is directly related to the success or failure of the modern building.
IT room Cabling
Many people pay attention to the cabling of the IT data center room, which is different from the requirements of the building cabling, and emphasizes the cabling environment of IT room. Especially regional distribution lines and grade of product selection.
Industrial cabling
Industrial cabling need to ensure the normal transmission of information in bad environment. For example, under the outdoor conditions, the production site of an industrial and mining enterprise. Industrial cabling and docking devices put forward higher requirements in terms of waterproofing and ash prevention. Therefore, it provides a basic condition for the application of information network in industrial production.
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