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Fiber optic cable lightning protection measures
With the development of the network, fiber as a medium for inductive wiring system used to transmit data, because to have a large transmission rate, far distance and other advantages, more and more by our use. It is well-known that optical fibers are non-conductive and can be protected against inrush currents. Optical cables also have outstanding protection functions. Metal components in optical cables have a high insulation value to the ground and lightning current can not easily enter optical cables. However, since optical cables have reinforcing cores, Buried optical fiber cable is an armored layer, the cable line was struck by lightning, but also can make the cable burned or damaged.

Today, here and we explain in detail under the premise of cabling fiber optic cable lightning protection in the construction of the first approach.
Approach First, the direct-type fiber optic cable lightning protection: ① local grounding method, the optical cable metal parts should be connected at the joint parts, so that the core section of the optical fiber reinforced the relay, moisture-proof layer, armored layer to maintain connectivity. ② In accordance with the rules of YDJ14-91, moisture-proof layer, armor layer and reinforced core should be disconnected electrically and not grounded. The ground is insulated to prevent the accumulation of inductive lightning current in the optical cable. It can prevent the earth lightning current from being introduced into the optical cable by the grounding device because of the difference of the impedance of the lightning return line and the metal component of the optical cable to the ground loop.
Approach 2, overhead optical cable: overhead hanging line should be electrically connected and once every 2km grounding, grounding can be directly grounded or appropriate surge protection device grounding. Such a suspension line overhead ground with the maintenance effect.
After the cable enters the terminal box, the terminal box should be grounded. After the lightning current enters the metal layer of the optical cable, the terminal box can be grounded to allow the lightning current to be discharged quickly and play a safeguard effect. Buried cable selection with armored layer and strengthen the core, the outer sheath is PE (polyethylene) jacket, which can effectively prevent corrosion and bite.

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