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OPGW complete solution


The fibers is placed loosely in a sealed and water resistant stainless steel tube filled with water blocking gel. This tube provides protection to the fiber during installation and operation under severe environmental conditions. Aluminium layer over the tube is optional. The stainless optical tube is located at the center of the cable protected by single or multiple layers of aluminium clad steel and aluminium annoy wires. The aluminium clad steel wires are shaped trapezoidally around the optical unit to provide compact construction. The metallic wires provide mechanical strength to withstand severe installation and operating conditions, while achieving conductivity to control temperature rise during short circuit conditions.

· Optical unit forms appropriate primary optical fiber extra length;
· Characteristics of tension resistance, torsion resistance and side pressure resistance;
· High quality standards for designing, testing and producing with grade A materials available to ensure long-term reliability;
· Seal stainless steel tube superior protection to the fiber optical to moisture and extreme environmental conditions such as lightening;

Specification Fiber Count Diameter
Weight (kg/km) RTS(KN)     Short Circuit (KA2s)
OPGW-32(40.6;4.7) 12 7.8 243 40.6 4.7
OPGW-42(54.0;8.4) 24 9 313 54 8.4
OPGW-42(43.5;10.6) 24 9 284 43.5 10.6
OPGW-54(55.9;17.5) 36 10.2 394 67.8 13.9
OPGW-61(73.7;175) 48 10.8 438 73.7 17.5
OPGW-61(55.1;24.5) 48 10.8 358 55.1 24.5
OPGW-68(80.8;21.7) 54 11.4 485 80.8 21.7
OPGW-75(54.5;41.7) 60 12 459 63 36.3
OPGW-76(54.5;41.7) 60 12 385 54.5 41.7

You have to know
1. No matter how much you want the number of core OPGW
2. No matter how much you want is a cross-section of OPGW
3. No matter what your requirement for tensile strength coefficient is.
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Some common sense about OPGW, maybe you want to know

Package for OPGW:

Packed by steel drum, length can be decided by you

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