Typical G.652D Optical Fiber (G657A /G655 /Multimode)

2.Technical Specification

2.1Optical Characteristic


2.2Dimensional Characteristic

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3.Test Requirements

Approved by various professional optical and communication product institution, GL also conduct various in-house testing in its own Laboratory and Test Center. GL also conduct test with special arrangement with the Chinese Government Ministry of Quality Supervision & Inspection Center of Optical Communication Products (QSICO). GL possess the technology to keep its fiber attenuation loss within Industry Standards.


The cable is in accordance with applicable standard of cable and requirement of customer. The following test items are carried out according to corresponding reference.


Routine tests of optical fiber



4.1Fiber Reel

The label that includes the following information shall be attached on each shipping spool:

Fiber Type (G.652D)

Fiber ID

Fiber Length

Attenuation at 1310nm & 1550nm

Mode field diameter at 1310nm


Spool Specification

Fiber length:25.2KM

Fiber length:50.4KM


Flange diameter

235 ± 2 mm

235 ± 2 mm


Barrel diameter

152 ± 2 mm

152 ± 2 mm


Width of inside flange

98.1 ± 0.5 mm

209.9 ± 0.5 mm


Flange width

6.5 ± 1 mm

9 ± 1 mm


Bore diameter

25.6 ± 0.5 mm

25.6 ± 0.5 mm

4.2Spool Box

Spool box size: 550mm*540mm*285mm, which could take in 8 spools of 25.2KM length fiber or 4 spools of 50.4KM length fiber.


4.3Test Report

Measured fiber test report for each shipment shall be submitted to customer in the form of data sheet and sending the test report using the email at least with the following items.

  • Fiber ID

  • Delivery length and actual length

  • Attenuation at 1310nm &1383nm & 1550nm & 1625nm

  • Attenuation vs Wavelength

  • Cable Cutoff Wavelength

  • Mode Field Diameter at 1310nm

  • Geometry of fiber cladding and coating

  • Chromatic Dispersion

  • PMD at 1550nm

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