Raw Material Sampling and Testing

GL is one of the top manufacturers and exporters of Fiber optic cables from China, and also we are your best choice of partner in this field.In the past 20 years, we have been providing high quality products to telecom operators, ISPs, trade importers, OEM customers and various communication projects in more than 169 countries around the world.


GL focuses on optical fiber OEM production services, and is committed to providing customers with brand customization, personalized packaging design, optimal cable structure design, and the best packaging design for international container transportation.Our main optical fiber cables include OPGW cable, ADSS cables, FTTH flat drop cables, Aerial installation cables, Duct installation cables, Direct buried installation cables, Air blowing installation cables, Biological protection cables, etc. As well as a variety of fiber optic cable according to the customer's use scenario, provide a variety of fiber optic cable structure design and manufacturing.


Our company has attained ISO9001 quality management system certification. We also have obtained the network access license for telecommunications equipment from China′s state administration of radio film and television (sarft).


Raw Material Sampling and Testing


GL Fiber Optic Cable Products Category



ADSS Cable

ADSS cable stands for All-Dielectric Self-Supporting cable. It is a type of optical fiber cable that is used in overhead transmission line installations. Unlike traditional transmission cables that are supported by metal wires or poles, ADSS cables are made of optical fibers and are self-supporting, meaning they do not require any external support structure. This makes them ideal for use in areas where it is difficult or impossible to install metal support structures, such as in wetlands or over water.




OPGW Cable

OPGW is a dual functioning cable performing the duties of a ground wire and also providing a patch for the transmission of voice, video or data signals . GL support OEM/ODM OPGW cable products from 12-144cores, our main OPGW cable include central stainless steel tube type OPGW cable, stranded stainless steel tube type OPGW cable, Al-covered stainless steel tube OPGW cable, Aluminum tube type OPGW Cable. All of the OPGW Cables from GL can support type test, routine test, flat test, Etc.




FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH drop cable stands for Fiber to the Home drop cable. It is a type of optical fiber cable that is used to connect a home or building to a fiber optic network.The cable is typically installed by attaching one end to a fiber optic terminal box outside the home or building and running the other end through an entry point, such as a window or wall, into the building. Drop fiber optic cable can be connected to an optical network terminal (ONT) inside the building, which allows devices inside the building to access the fiber optic network. FTTH drop cables are commonly used in broadband and telecommunications applications.




Aerial Installation

Aerial Figure 8 Cable

Aerial installation is a method of installing fiber optic cable by suspending it from poles or other overhead structures. This type of installation is commonly used in areas where it is not feasible to bury the cable underground, such as in mountainous or urban areas. In an aerial installation, the fiber optic cable is attached to poles or other structures using clamps, brackets, or other specialized hardware. The cable is then typically strung between poles or other structures using specialized equipment, such as a bucket truck or a helicopter.




Duct Installation

Duct Installation Fiber Cable

Duct optic fiber cables, also known as conduit or underground optic fiber cables, are designed for installation within protective ducts or conduits, typically buried underground. Duct fiber optic cables are a key infrastructure component in modern telecommunications, offering secure and reliable pathways for fiber optics within a protected environment. Their design caters to the needs of dense urban areas and is optimized for long-term performance with minimal maintenance.



Direct Buried Installation

Direct Buried Installation Fiber Cable

Direct Buried Installation is a way to install an optical fiber cable directly into the ground. This type of device is often used where aerial suspension or duct installation is impossible.In a direct-buried installation, the fiber optic cable is generally buried at least 24 inches beneath the surface to protect it from potential damage. The cable is typically buried using special equipment, such as a cable plow or a trencher. Proper installation techniques and materials, such as backfilling and sand, are essential to ensure adequate protection and operation of cables.




Air Blown

Air Blown Micro Cable

Air-blown micro fiber optic cable is a fiber optic cable designed for use in air-blown fiber optic systems. These systems use compressed air to blow small-diameter fiber optic cables through tubes or ducts, allowing them to be quickly and easily installed without requiring specialized equipment or labor-intensive techniques. Air-blown micro fiber optic cable typically has a small diameter, less than 1 mm, and is made of a flexible material, such as plastic or rubber. This allows it to be easily blown through tubes or ducts and bent around corners or other obstacles. Air-blown micro fiber optic cable is commonly used in telecommunications and broadband applications. +8618508406369