Air Blown Fiber Unit (ABF )


The ABF is the product that with small diameter, lightweight, highly flexibility and proper stiffness, and it can be blown into the microduct of 5.0/3.5mm. The fibres are coated with a soft acrylate resin which provides excellent dimensional and thermal stability to cushion the fibres, in addition, the resin can be easily stripped in connecting the fibres. The outer sheath is a thermoplastic that is of low friction. The surface of the sheath is designed with special grooves, compared to the surface of the traditional optical fibre cable, it provides not only the high level of mechanical protection, but also the perfect blowing performance.


Smaller diameter

Frees up capital to expand network and client base

Network design flexibility

5/3.5mm microduct suitable

Easy to upgrade

Greater blowing distance

Fiber: G.G652D, G.657A1, G.657A2


Unless otherwise specified in this specification, all requirements shall be mainly in accordance with the following standard specifications.

Optical fiber:ITU-T G.651、G.652、G.655、G.657 IEC 60793-2-10、IEC 60793-2-50

Optical Cable:IEC 60794-1-2、IEC 60794-5

Note: It is recommended that the structure of 2 fibers unit consist of 2 filled fibers, for it is proved that this structure is better in the blowing performance and the fiber separability than that of one with zero or one filled fiber


Fiber count (F)Nominal diameter (mm)Nominal weight (kg/km)Min. bend radius (mm)Temperature (℃)
21.15±0.05150-30 to +60

Blowing Test:

Fiber count (F)Blowing machineSuitable microduct (mm)Blowing pressure (bar)Blowing distance (m)Blowing time (min)
2PLUMETTAZ UM25 ERICSSON F CATWAY FBT-1.13/2.1 or 5/3.57/10500/100010/18
43/2.1 or 5/3.5500/100010/18


fiber TypeSM G.652D、G.655、G.657MM 62.5/125
Attenuation0.38dB/km max @1310nm 0.26dB/km max @1550nm3.5dB/km max @850nm 1.5dB/km max @1300nm

Mechanical Performance:

TestStandardParametersTest Results
TensionIEC 60794-1-2-E1Load is 1×Wfiber strain ≤0.4% at MAX Additional attenuation ≤0.05dB fiber strain ≤0.05% after test
BendIEC 60794-1-2-E11ADiam 40mm×3turns 5 cycles at 20℃Additional attenuation ≤0.05dB,after test
CrushIEC 60794-1-2-E3100 N, 60sAdditional attenuation ≤0.05dB,after test
All optical testing proceeded at 1550 nm

Environment Performance:

TestStandardParametersTest Results
Temperature CycleIEC 60794-1-2-F1+20°C, -40°C, +60°C, (3 cycles)Absolute attenuation ≤0.5dB/km,during test Additional attenuation ≤0.1dB/km, during and after test
Water SoakIEC 60794-51000 hours in water, 18℃~22℃(Test after temp cycle) ≤0.07dB/km Change compared to start value
Damp Heat CycleIEC 60068-2-3825°C, 65°C, 25°C, 65°C, 25°C, -10°C, 25°CAbsolute attenuation ≤0.5dB/km,during test Additional attenuation ≤0.1dB/km, during and after test
All optical testing proceeded at 1550 nm

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