RF Feeder Cables


RF feeder cables have excellent electrical characteristics, outstanding mechanical and climatic properties. Moreover, the size, along with the flexibility of RF feeder cables, is a testament of their perfect usage as high performance cables for in-building and outdoor installations. Flexibility, low attenuation, low VSWR, minimum bending radius, low inner and outer conductor resistance make  RF feeder cables a premium product.




  • Covers frequency range from DC up to 6GHz.

  • Low inner as well as outer conductor resistance.

  • Helical copper tube of outer conductor for better transmission of signals.

  • High flexibility.

  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket with excellent fire safety characteristics of low smoke, low

  • toxicity as well as low corrosion.

  • Creates a continuous RFI/EMI (Radio Frequency Interference/Electromagnetic Interference) that

  • minimises system interference. 

  • Low VSWR for low noise in system.

  • Low Attenuation, exceptional heat transfer and temperature stabilised dielectric materials provide

  • safe and long term operating life at high transmit power levels.

  • Solid inner and outer conductors eliminate intermodulation.

  • Dielectric foam offers water protection to maintain cable characteristics.

  • Better performance to carry lower-frequency signals.

  • Lighter weight and confined bending radius minimises installation time and lowers site cost.


  • ½” Super flexible, ½” flexible, 7/8” flexible RF feeder cables are a perfect fit for use in

    broadcast and terrestrial RF antennae.

  • ½” Super flexible, ½” flexible, 7/8” flexible, 1-1/4″ flexible RF low loss cable, 1-5/8″ flexible RF

    cables are best used in ESMR (Enhanced Specialised Mobile Radio) where transceivers are linked

    in a network of repeaters.

  • Used in wireless cellular radio systems including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE as well as WiMAX.

  • RF feeder cables are an ideal product to enhance the coverage of mobile signals in subways,

    airports, and stadiums, hotels as well as shopping malls.

*Complete line of RF jumper cables are available with a combined range of DIN 7-16 connector

type, N connector type, and 4.3-10 connector type. Customized lengths are also available from 0.5 m

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