Suspension Clamp for ADSS Cable


Suspension Clamp for ADSS Cable


ADSS suspension clamp is also called preformed suspension clamp or AGS suspension clamp, it offers a complete set of Aluminum clad, rubber, armor grip, bolt, and nut to support and protect the ADSS/OPGW cable from damage due to bending.Armor grip suspension can be custom manufactured with the different wire number, a wide range of cable size, wire raw material, and armor grip suspension design options to exactly match the grip strength, span, and cable type requirements, including double suspension clamp, AGS suspension clamp, cushion grip suspension clamp, suspension clamp for ADSS cable, suspension clamp for OPGW. The adss suspension clamp are specially used on the long span, going cross a river, or big drop height on a mountain. The vertical breaking load of the double suspension clamp is 100kn. We can help you save costs and remain competitive by being your OEM partner for preformed suspension clamp. Whether for standard, custom, or different types, FASO Armor grip suspension provides a good quality solution for all market needs.

1. It is designed to connect straight or elevation angel less than 25° pole (tower) and ADSS cables, The special specification: one unit per pole.

Select the specification model for Suspension Clamp is corresponding to the appropriate Cable Diameter, Load Weight or span length.



The Preformed ADSS Suspension Clamp is the connecting hardware of ADSS cable hang in transmission line pole (tower). It can reduce static stress at the support point and increase ant-vibration ability of ADSS cables, and cushioned against the dynamic stress of aeolian vibration.

Structure and Material

Housing--- It is made of corrosion resistance cast aluminum alloy, which is stable, better anticorrosive in aero and mechanical performance.

Rubber Insert--- It consists of high-class rubber and center reinforcing assembly, rubber insert is with ozone resistance, chemical resistances, weather resistance performance, with high and low temperature performance, high strength and elasticity, small compression deformation.

Bolt, Flat Washer, Spring Washer, Nut, Split Lock, Shackle--- Standard Parts of Electric Power.

Inner Preformed Rods---According to the mechanical performance and chemical composition to custom-made the aluminum alloy wire, with high tensile strength, hardness strength and excellent elasticity and strong rust resistance , it can be used for a long time in the bad weather condition.


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