HDPE Silicon Duct (Sub duct)


Pre-laid cable Duct

High-density polyethylene tubes with smooth inner wall to reduce friction.

PCD is abbreviation of Pre-laid Cable Duct, which means that at the same time when the duct is extruded.



There is no trouble in the effective distance of cable blowing any more and saves the charge of cable blowing; on the construction site it does not need blowing machine, compressor and cable laying teams, etc any more.

Greatly shorten the construction period, the trench disposal is simpler and the problem in terrain limit gets solved, ie, the duct placement and cable laying can be done at the same time as long as to put the PCD into the excavated trench and backfill.

Reduce the cost of projects, including saving the ocean freight of duct and cable, and construction.

Technical Parameter:

SpecificationODMin IDThicknessLengthElasticity
Before coilingAfter coiling
32/2632262.51000 2000 3000≤2≤3
34/2834283.01000 2000 3000≤2≤3
40/3340333.51000 2000 3000≤2.5≤3.5
46/3846384.01000 1500≤3≤5
50/4150414.51000 1500≤3≤5
63/5463545.01000 1500≤3≤5

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