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1. Scope

This specification covers general requirements and performance of Stainless Steel Tube Fiber Unit,including optical characteristics and geometrical characteristics

2. Specification

2.1 Steel Tube Specification

Stainless steel tape
Inner diametermm2.60±0.05mm
Outer diametermm3.00±0.05mm
Filling component
Water repellent, thixotropic jelly
Fiber number
Fiber types
Fiber excess length%0.5-0.7

2.2. Fiber Specification

The optical fiber is made of high pure silica and germanium doped silica. UV curable acrylate material is applied over fiber cladding as optical fiber primary protective coating. The detail data of optical fiber performance are shown in the following table.

G652D Fiber
Optical SpecificationsAttenuation@1550nm≤0.22dB/km

2.3 Color Identification Of Fiber In the stainless steel tube unit Color code of fiber in the steel tube unit shall be identified referring to the following table:

                                        Typical number of fiber: 24

RemarkFiber No. & Color
1-12 Without color ringBlueOrangeGreenBrownGreyWhite
13-24 With S100 color RingBlueOrangeGreenBrownGreyWhite
Remark: If G.652 and G.655 are used synchronously, S.655 should be laid ahead.

3. Packing

3.1 Unless otherwise specified, steel tube shall be supplied by iron-wooden drum.

3.2 Steel tube shall be supplied on reels with the dimensions by agreed specification between the manufacturer and customer before shipping.

3.3 Unless otherwise specified, each package shall be marked with the following between the manufacturer and customer.

  • Manufacturer Name

  • Lot number

  • Gross Weight

  • Purchase Length

3.4 Steel Tube shall be tightly rewinded not to become loose or spring out.

3.5 The drum shall be transported with vertical direction on the ground.

(Drum Direction: H Direction)

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