ACSR Flicker 477MCM Aluminum Conductor


Similar to All Aluminum Conductor, this conductor is centered by a steel galvanized central core.  The steel core can be varied to achieve the desired durability and conductor strength.  The outer layers of this conductor are made of aluminum, providing a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting product.  Application of grease to the core or to the entire cable can further improve the cable’s resistance to corrosion.




Applications: Like AAC, ACSR is primarily used as an overhead transmission cable and can also be used for primary and secondary distribution.  This conductor is typically preferred in a heavy construction area because of its reinforced steel core.  Although it is heavier than AAC, it can be moved in and out of a construction area relatively easily.  This cable is also useful in areas with high winds or frequent storms.



In accordance with specifications set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials:

• This product is composed of a variety of aluminum conductors.  B-230, 231, and 232.

• Steel reinforced core is coated with B-341 aluminum, B-498 Zinc, and B-802 Zinc-5% Misch Metal alloy.



• Conductor - ACSR is constructed with aluminum alloy 1350-H19

• Stranding - Wires are concentrically stranded.

• Reinforcement - A core consisting of class A, B, or C galvanized steel lays in the center of the cable.  Aluminum coating (AZ) or aluminum-clad (AW) options are available to enhance the core’s longevity.



Technical Specifications:
Size AWG: 477.0
Stranding: 24/7
Diameter Individual Wire Aluminum (Inches): 0.1410
Diameter Individual Wire Steel (Inches): 0.0940
Diameter Steel Core (Inches): 0.2820
Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches): 0.846
Weight Per 1000ft Aluminum (Lbs.): 450.1
Weight Per 1000ft Steel (Lbs.): 164.4
Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.): 614.5
Rated Breaking Strength (Lbs.): 17200
Allowable Ampacity 90C (Amps): 655 Amps



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