Overhead Bare ACSR Conductor 795 MCM



795 mcm acsr represents a standards. It belongs to ACSR-ASTM-B232. ACSR 795 mcm contains six code names. They are: Term, Condor, Cuckoo, Drake , Coot and Mallard. Standard divides them into 795 acsr. Because they have the same aluminum area. Their aluminum area is 402.84 mm2.



This wire is suitable for use in all practical spans on wood poles, transmission towers, and other structures. Applications range from long, extra high voltage (EHV) transmission lines to sub-service spans at distribution or utilization voltages on private premises.   ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced) has a long service record because of its economy, dependability, and strength to weight ratio. The combined lightweight and high conductivity of aluminum with the strength of the steel core enables higher tensions, less sag, and longer spans than any alternative.  


Applicable Standards:

 - ASTM B-232: Concentric Lay Aluminum Conductors - ASTM B-230: Aluminum 1350-H19 Wire for Electrical Purposes - ASTM B-498: Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) Steel Core Wire for ACSR  



A solid or concentric-stranded central steel core is surrounded by one or more layers of concentric-stranded aluminum alloy 1350. The wire is protected from corrosion with a zinc coating.

Technical Parameter:

Code Name

AreaAluminumAWG or MCM795795795795795795

mm 2402.84402.84402.84402.84402.84402.84

Steelmm 227.8752.1952.1965.5111.1691.87

Totalmm 2430.71455.03455.03468.45414484.71
Stranding and diameterAluminummm45/3.3854/3.0824/4.6226/4.4436/3.7730/4.14

Approximate overall diameter
Linear massAluminumkg/km111611161116111611101119

Rated tensile strengthdaN9737124451239413992748517118
Maximum D.C. Resistance at 20 ℃ Ω/km
Current RatingA610614614614614618

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