GYTA33 Anti-rodent/Under Water 2-144 core Fiber Optic Cable



1. Direct burial & under-water application
2. Long-distance communication, local trunk line, catv & computer networks system.
3. Steel wire armored for anti rodent.

1.Laying modes: direct buried & under-water.
2.Applications:  Long-distance communication, local trunk line, catv & computer networks system.

Technical Data                                                                   

Fiber count2~3032~3638~6062~722~3638~72
CSM/Steel wire (mm)--/1.5--/2.0--/1.82.4/1.8--/2.02.4/1.8
Element mumber565666
Max. cores in tube661212612
Diameter of inner sheath8.
Steel wire diameter and No.Φ1.0/28Φ1.0/29Φ1.0/30Φ1.0/32Φ1.5/24Φ1.5/24
Cable diameter approx (mm)14.314.815.115.717.517.5
Weight approx (kg/km)315328.340360520520
Tensile strength (N)Long term400010000
Short term100002000
Crush Resistence(N/100mm)Long term3000
Short term5000
Bending Radius (mm)Dynamic≥30 ×Dia. Of cable
Static≥15×Dia. Of cable
Operating Temperature (°C)-40°C ~+ 70°C
ApplicationDirectly burial and Under water

1. Cables with other spans can be inquired.
2. Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multimode fibers.
3. Specially designed Cable structure is available on request.

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